Monthly Archives - July 2017

How to use the Iwata Power Jet Lite

The Iwata Power Jet Lite is a twin-pump compressor equipped with a pressure regulator which allows you to precisely adjust the airflow. It's well priced considering its capabilities. In this video, OrcPainterNerd shows you what's included in a box when you buy your Iwata Power Jet Lite, as well as how to operate it. If you are a newbie in airbrushing and is still considering your equipment option, it is...

BeamBox from The Big Orchard – an LED Lightbox for inspection, art and design

A lightbox is a perfect tool for any artist, professional or amateur. It's especially useful when tracing preliminary illustration or design into paper as well as for inspecting or displaying detailed work. It's also useful for embroidery or cross-stitch, photo slide viewing, X-RAY inspection and much more. Watch this video to see how the Beam Box from The Big Orchard works.

How Well Do You Know Your Super Villains

  Comic-Con kicks off in San Diego today. And as super heroes, villains, robots and aliens flock to America's Finest City to celebrate the biggest pop culture event, we thought we'll do our bit, especially for those, like us poor souls, who have to stay stuck in front of our screen the whole day. So, we've created this short quiz for you to try. This quiz was created with the help...

Review of the the Iwata Eclipse

If you're an airbrush beginner and looking for a great all rounder airbrush that will serve as your workhorse, we highly recommend the Iwata Eclipse CS. It is easier to handle, much forgiving with paint, and more value for money than cheaper alternatives. If you want to see how it works and if it's the right airbrush for you, check out this review by OrcPainterNerd on Youtube.