Our Competition Winner Receives Her Prize

Early this month, Dana Atkins, from North Kent College won our ‘Spooky Competition’ with her with her very gory entry. A few weeks ago Dana received her prize and the North Kent College sent us this picture to share with our readers.

In the photo from the left to right: Lindsey O’Malley (Assistant Principle of Arts and Creative Industry), Dana Atkins (Learner of Theatrical Make-Up and Special Effects), I-Chun Hsiao […]

Spooky Competition Result

Spooky Competition Result

Congratulations to Dana Atkins for winning our October Spooky Competition!
Between Monday and Thursday this week, 483 people voted for their favourite work and Dana’s entry got a massive 75.16% of the vote. A big thanks to everyone who sent in their entry and to everyone who took time to vote. Your help is very much appreciated.
Below is Dana’s winning work. As the winner, Dana will receive an Iwata Revolution […]

Artist: Dana Atkins

7 Best Airbrush Works from Our Spooky Competition

Early this month, we asked people to send in their scariest Halloween themed work. And we’re amazed with the quality of work we received. Below are 7 of the best entries that gave us the creeps. We found it very difficult to choose the winner, so we have asked our customers to help us choose. We will announce the winner this Friday.

Artist: Lee Jordan

Artist: Peter Connor

Artist: Chris James Esling […]

Airbrush in hand of make-up artist

Beginners Airbrush… For Complete Beginners

“Which airbrush is inexpensive and good for beginners” is the eternal question every airbrush beginners ask. We hope to answer it here, unfortunately if you’re looking for a £20 beginners airbrush, we won’t be able to help. Not that they don’t exist. We just haven’t experienced them for us to express an opinion.
There are a lot of airbrushes in the market, with prices varying from very cheap (around £10) […]

Industrial Robotics

Four Most Popular Use of Airbrush and One You May Not Know

The word paint robotics usually conjures the image of massive paint factories and life-size robots. These robots are graceful perfectionist painters that apply paint at breakneck speed, flawless finish and superhuman consistency.
But not all paint robotics are as conspicuous. Actually, one of the most widely used paint robots is much smaller and works simpler: the air brush.
Iwata Eclipse Airbrush – an good all-rounder airbrush
Airbrushes work by connecting a […]

Etching Doctor Who Glasses Using The Paasche Air Eraser

This How-to Video features an example of how to use the Paasche air eraser to etch a pattern on a glass.
An air eraser is a versatile instrument that can be used to delicately erase colour errors or as an etching tool. It’s a generally used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean fine parts or items like jewellery, remove rust, corrosion and discoloration, etch glass or cut monograms. It is great for […]