Trouble Shooting Your Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush – Bubbles in the Cup

The Iwata Eclipse CS airbrush is a robust all around workhorse for most of our customers. It is extremely well made.  However, it's not unusual for us get calls from customers regarding their broken Iwata Eclipse CS airbrush. One common problems we get called is bubble in the cup. If you're experiencing this problem, check out this video from EnclineDesign. In this short video, he shows you the cause of...


If you're a Warhammer 40K enthusiast looking for tutorials on how to paint a blood angels redemptor dreadnought, don't miss this video. Shaun shows you tips and tricks on how to create a professional finish. If you check out the description, you'll also find a discount code you can use if you fancy buying the Iwata Eclipse CS airbrush that Shaun's using in this video.

Review of Sparmax Mini Arism Kit – Amazing Value for Money

In this video, Shaun reviews the Sparmax Mini Arism Kit from GraphicAir. He also shows you how to clean the airbrush, dismantle it and put it together. It is worth reading the comments from viewers, especially those who have bought the kit based on the review. The video has a discount code you can use.  


In this video, OrcNerdPainter shows you how to paint a miniature space marine raptor using our Sparmax Max 4 airbrush. This airbrush is one of our entry level airbrush. At just £54.90, it's only slightly more expensive than cheap copies of airbrushes, but comes with 5 years warranty, and customer support. Spare parts are also easily obtainable from us or other UK airbrush retailers. The video also shows how to...

How to Paint a Blood Angel to a High Standard

Check out this tutorial on 'How to Paint a Blood Angel to a High Standard' using an airbrush. OrcPainterNerd takes you through all the necessary paint, equipment and techniques you need to achieve a high standard paint finish for your miniature models. If you want to see tutorials that hasn't been covered yet, please drop us a line, comment below or comment on the video.