Review of Sparmax Mini Arism Kit – Amazing Value for Money

In this video, Shaun reviews the Sparmax Mini Arism Kit from GraphicAir. He also shows you how to clean the airbrush, dismantle it and put it together. It is worth reading the comments from viewers, especially those who have bought the kit based on the review. The video has a discount code you can use.  

How to use the Iwata Power Jet Lite

The Iwata Power Jet Lite is a twin-pump compressor equipped with a pressure regulator which allows you to precisely adjust the airflow. It's well priced considering its capabilities. In this video, OrcPainterNerd shows you what's included in a box when you buy your Iwata Power Jet Lite, as well as how to operate it. If you are a newbie in airbrushing and is still considering your equipment option, it is...

Airbrush Compressors: Choosing The Right Air Supply For Your Airbrush

What Is An Airbrush Air Supply? An airbrush air supply is the method by which air is pushed into the airbrush and mixes with the paint or substance that you want to put on to a surface in order to create the desired effect. It is an important factor to take into account, as it the element that propels substances and helps you to create the desired effect. There are a...