Finance Option

0% Finance on Premium Brands


Buying cheap airbrushing equipment and extraction unit professional use can compromise quality and effectiveness, and is a false economy. But the high upfront cost can be prohibitive.  Now you don’t have to.

GraphicAir offers you a choice to pay your order over 10 or 12 months at 0% interest through our partner Divido.

Paying with Divido offers you the flexibility to get the products you need today by spreading the cost over a number of months. The application process is simple, takes around 5 minutes to complete, is carried out online and decision is instant.

The process:

Add to cart


Decide what you’d like to buy (check out total must be £350 or over)


Pay by Divido


Choose to pay with Divido at check out


complete application form


Complete quick application


Application Complete


You’re done



Whether you need to upgrade your compressor, or need a powerful extraction unit for safety, we make owning them a little more flexible.

For example, you can buy our new BV260S costing £438.00 using one of the following options:

  • 10% deposit £43.80 and £39.42 per month for 10 months @ 0% interest – total payable £438.00; OR
  • 10% deposit of £43.80 and £32.85 per month for 12 months @ 0% Interest – total payable £438.00

Or you can buy the BV300S-D costing £299.99 + IFA3P costing £83.52 = £383.51

  • 10% deposit £38.50 and £34.52 per month for 10 months @ 0% interest – total payable ££383.51
  • 10% deposit £38.50 and £28.76 per month for 12 months @ 0% interest – total payable ££383.51

Who is eligible to apply for finance?

Applying for finance is the same as applying for a new credit card. The details you provide will be checked against a number of public registers such as the credit rating agencies. This means that everyone won’t be approved for finance just because they want it. To increase your chances being accepted you need to have a good credit history (no late payments, CCJ’s, etc) and meet the following minimum criteria:

✓ Be a UK resident
✓ Be at least 18 years of age
✓ Be working at least 16 hours per week or in receipt of steady income
✓ Have 3 years of UK address history
✓ Have a valid phone number and email address