Paasche Abrasive Guns

  • Paasche Flow Pencil

    The Paasche Flow Pencil with various nibs includes the following:

    • Fitted with 1/32″ nib
    • Additional nib sizes – 1/16″, 1/64″ and 3/64″.
    • Lid cover (MU-20)
    • 1 oz. Cup (MU-21)
    • Wrench (V-62)
    • Parts List and Storage Box
    • V-62 wrench and F-186 wrench
    • ’22 Airbrush Lessons’ Booklet

    See full description for details

    £69.00 £55.00 inc vat
    £45.83 exc vat
  • Paasche Air Eraser

    For erasing colour on paper, metal and glass, as well as for removing rust.

    £79.00 £69.00 inc vat
    £57.50 exc vat
  • Paasche Air Eraser Kit

    This kit includes:

    This set doesn’t include a moisture trap.

    £103.50 £93.15 inc vat
    £77.63 exc vat
  • Paasche Air Eraser Remote

    This is a fine detail abrasive etcher and can be used to etch glass, remove paint, clean metals, or remove rust . Can  be used by the professional technician, manufacturer, hobbyist or for dental lab work.
    The Kit Includes:

    • AECR air eraser
    • Quart Container
    • Connection hose
    • Air hose
    £159.00 £143.31 inc vat
    £119.43 exc vat