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Sparmax ARISM Compressor Kit

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Brands: Sparmax
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Art No: C-AR-ARISM-KIT – Sparmax ARISM Compressor Kit

Ideal for beginners and professionals alike who require an affordable airbrush kit that will be flexible enough to do a wide variety of applications.

What’s included:

Sparmax ARISM Compressor (C-AR-ARISM)

This compressor is specially aimed at airbrush enthusiasts and artists looking for a powerful compressor that’s compact and light weight. When used with an airbrush air bleed valve and SilverBullet moisture trap, you’ll get an extended airbrush handle that’s comfortable to hold and better airflow control.

The Arism compressor is a low-maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor, with an on/off switch of 25psi/35psi. It comes with an airbrush bleed valve and silver bullet moisture trap as standard. It weighs just 2.6 kg and with noise level at 49±dB.

Sparmax MAX-4 Airbrush with Preset Handle and Crown Cap (SP-MAX-4)

The Sparmax MAX-4 works exceptionally well event with the smallest compressors as it atomises well at low pressure. It features a 0.4mm needle and nozzle, making it ideal for general purpose paint spraying projects that uses thicker and heavier paints, but requires fine details. Although, the Max-4 is a dual-action airbrush, you can easily convert it to a single action using the ‘Single Action Air Valve’ that comes with it.

This airbrush also features a ‘Preset Handle,’ which limits the paint flow, and avoids over-shooting, and a ‘Crown Cap,’ which protects the needle and allows you to get close to your work and create a fine detail.

Airbrush Cleaning Station with Airbrush Hanger (E-CPOT)

This cleaning station serves as a handy airbrush holder while preventing sprays going over you and your work when you’re cleaning it. This cleaning station is fitted with an airbrush hanger for borth siphon-feed and gravity-feed airbrush. It has a glass bottle and it is solvent proof

Air Bleed Valve

If you’re looking for an affordable airbrush kit, this Sparmax Arism kit is definitely a good choice.



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