W-400 WBX Classic Plus High Tec Spray Gun

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W-400 WBX Classic Plus High Tec Spray Gun

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Brands: Anest Iwata

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Art No: W-400 WBX Classic Plus High Tec Spray Gun – For clearcoat application


  • The WBX applies waterborne basecoats and HS clearcoats, thus creating superior atomization and control.
  • The WBX air cap has a long, flat, fan pattern, which gives an even overlap on modern paints. As a result, you get a mottle-free basecoat application and a flat and even lay down on clears.
  • The WBX delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing, allowing you to achieve a consistent application of waterborne base coats.
  • Finally, the W-400 WBX gives you fluid delivery control, which is essential for colour reproduction of waterborne base coats.

W-400 Classix Plus features:

  • Twilight chrome plated body
  •  High transfer efficiency
  • Adjustable TEFLON needle-packing
  •  Responsive Trigger action
  •  One valve for fluid and air
  •  Fluid passages in stainless steel
  •  Precise air valve for colour blending

Split Nozzle Pre Atomization Technology 

Split nozzle technology lets the spray gun works with lower pressure resulting in lower air consumption. Its long flat uniformed spray patter with fine and consistent droplets enables an easy-to-control painting overlap which achieves a premium quality paint job every time.

Split Nozzle Technology



Anest Iwata

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