WS-400 Evo Base with 600ml Cup (Premium Quality)

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WS-400 Evo Base with 600ml Cup (Premium Quality)

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Brands: Anest Iwata

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Art No: WS-400 EVO Base with 600ml Cup (Premium Quality) – For basecoat application

New and improved easy release paint cup system:  

The WS400 Evo new locking thread system lets you tighten and loosen the paint cup precisely and securely.

Supernova Technology:supernova logo

The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing which, when combined with its flat and even fan pattern, helps to reduce common issues such as boil and pin holing on HS Clear Coats.

This new superior model takes spraying of modern water based basecoats and HS Clear Coats to another level.

Split Nozzle Pre Atomization Technology 

Split nozzle technology lets the spray gun works with lower pressure resulting in lower air consumption. Its long flat uniformed spray patter with fine and consistent droplets enables an easy-to-control painting overlap which achieves a premium quality paint job every time.

Split Nozzle Technology

W400 Evo Clear Spray Gun features:

  • Perfect surfaces by Split Nozzle Technology
  • High material transfer by a large and uniform spray pattern
  • Very fine atomization
  • VOC – compliant professional spray gun, it’s 65% more efficient than other brands
  • Clearly visible reduction of so-called fat edges
  • Has quiet and pleasant background noise
  • Easy to control, for right and left handers
  • Conical seal nozzle, minimum wear parts
  • Clearer design, easy maintenance
  • Quality surface for easy cleaning



Anest Iwata

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